Arise in Chaos
Arise in Chaos
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     Arise in Chaos is a mixture of thrash-groove metal from Denver,  Colorado. The group formed as a trio in early 2011 with vocalist Dustin  ‘Lei” Griboski, drummer Jeramy ‘Jer”  Matheson, and guitarist Cameron Burris, and shortly thereafter recorded  and released their debut album “Civilization Decay” co-produced and  mixed by Ahrue Luster (ex Machine Head/Ill nino) with addition as Ryan  Orr on lead guitar, as well as John Vickers on bass in late 2012. After  the album’s release they shared the stage with such acts as, All That  Remains, 3 inches of blood, Soulfly, Motionless In White, Within The  Ruins, toxic holocaust and HAVOK. As time progressed in 2014, Burris  left the band as did Orr, and later Vickers. After their departure from  the band, the remaining core of the group, Griboski and Matheson,  developed and grew to a more melodic and progressive band who drafted  and brought in Adam Landreth and Nick Allen on guitar, as well as Drew  “Keeb” Gillett on bass to complete the current line up, still true to  this day.

    In November 2015 Arise in Chaos signed to, co-founder  of Megadeth, David Ellefson’s label “EMP Label Group” for the release  of their next album Terminal Cognition. Released May 13th, 2016 globally  via Eone/SPV.

    After the unveiling of “Terminal Cognition”,  finding a tour to showcase the album was becoming difficult due to the  bands current management and booking issues.  In October they made an  opportunity by chance, and traveled overseas to support Hungarian based  metal band, Ektomorf, for their “Aggression Over Europe’ tour.  Joined  also with the fellow US based group Hemlock, Arise In Chaos played 6  countries over 26 show dates.  Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic,  Hungary, Switzerland, and Germany all got to taste the chaos!  Living  out of a Night Liner for over a 6 weeks, and having highlights such as  melting faces for 14 days straight without a break, fed the fire of the  bands brutality.

    Once returning from Europe, the group  immediately began working on the follow up record to “Terminal  Cognition” for delivery to EMP, as well as playing shows in the states.   Mini tours are currently in progress, and the band is awaiting the  album’s completion/release, displaying the growth musically and in  attitude of Arise in Chaos.